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a documentation



I don´t know the exact reason why, but at the end of last year I had the idea of creating a kind of art gallery. By saying „a kind of art gallery“ I want to express that it is supposed to differ in some (fundamental) details from existing art galleries. I will come back to those differences in a short while and return to the starting point: as always the creative act follows different paths. Imaging having a gallery of my own (representing art by some of friends and my own works) I simply asked myself what could be its name.

When thinking about that I got aware of one important aspect – there was a strong refusal calling it „Thomas Rauscher Art Gallery“, „Rauscher Gallery“, „Gallery Rauscher & …“, and so on. Imagining the gallery I realized that it should be generally speaking a meeting platform for art and lovers of art, and therefore it has only less to do with me and my name.

So it was quite simple from that starting point – as a name I had to find a synonyme for art as this was the galleries purpose. It should be easy to remember and available as a domain name.
I could have spent several days or weeks looking for it, but as always, the best way is not thinking about it, forgetting that you are dealing with this „problem“. At one point a day later after the initial thought  I had the thought, that in difference to industrial products art is limited in quantities most of the time – a painting exists only in an edition of 1, there are for example bronze sculptures in editions of 10 or 20 and so on. So, quick-and-dirty, the gallery represents art in editions from1 to a number like 100 (could be another number, but 100 sounds nice). As „to“ can be expressed as the number 2 in English I had the name, easy to remember, abstract and as the top level domain „.gallery“ available:


This was at the end of 2019 – I had the idea of establishing a gallery, I came up with a name and got me the web domain. But – due to other works I did not have much time focusing on that project. That was quite good as thoughts have widened. But now, at the end of April 2020 is the starting point where this project will come to life.

In the following paragraphs I will document my thoughts, intentions and steps to take. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in this project, if you have points of criticism or you want to point to aspects I haven´t considered yet – you can reach me via

– 1 –
getting closer

In those recent months I did not work actively on the gallery project. That does not mean I did not spend any time or on it – it was only that I did not follow thoughts consequently, it was more of a „Ah, there is something, let it go – you have other things to do and it will come back anyway.“ It did. So, a week or so ago I had the feeling, that all those thoughts have to be organized. This will be the next task. Please forgive me in advance it might become a bit confusing, but my way of thinking is not in a straight line. Writing all this down is also a kind of focusing on the strings and disentangle them.

thought no. 1 – perception of art

I am not much of an intellectual when it comes to art. (Sadly) I am not interested in art history, in intellectually dissecting and understanding art – I am just looking for this kind of „WOW“ – this feeling of not being able to look away, having to smile or thinking „What a great idea!“. This is something that drives me as a consumer as well as a creative.

The reason for starting with my perception of art is to get a first link to the chain of thoughts. And this first link is not so much about the perception itself but more of what it is not about.

I lack of interests in reputation, in big names, in money, in art markets, academies, tendencies and so on. All those things you have to consider if you want to become a gallery owner and want to make a living of it. Therefore I have to take a different path with my gallery.

And this leads me to

thought no. 2 – names and profession